School Overview

Ⅰ.School Overview
Okayama Joto High School (est. April 1987) is a new type of school for changing times that aims to develop highly original students able to participate on the world stage. Based around a core of four specialist electives (Humanities and Social Studies, Science and Mathematics, International Studies, Music) we offer a unit-based curriculum with a broad choice of subjects. Our system is designed for effective learning – First year students focus on a foundational course, and from the second year onwards students follow a path of study where they select subjects according to their interests and future educational plans. The majority of graduating students go on to pursue further study at institutions such as national and public universities.
Ⅱ.School Motto:Enterprise and Collaboration
Progress through your own drive. Work towards what you think is right and make it happen. Recognize that you are responsible for your own actions, and be able to objectively assess what effect on society they may have.
Through knowledge of and empathy for others develop the ability to collaborate successfully.
Ⅲ.Educational Goals
We work to cultivate the following attributes in our students:

  1. An enterprising temperament and an independent disposition.
  2. A view of oneself as a member of the school community, being able to put oneself in the shoes of another to collaborate with and assist them.
  3. A healthy mind and body through the development of strong intelligence and a rich sensibility.
  4. A deep understanding of Japanese and international culture and traditions, resulting in a mindset of international sensibility and cooperation.
Ⅳ.Educational System
1.Learning Through Electives
To draw out the intellectual curiosity, inquisitiveness, and academic interest of students from year two they choose from one of four electives and pursue a course of study based on their own aspirations. Elective-specific classes and training strengthen the students’ motivation towards future goals.

Humanities and Social Studies:
Acquire the ability to contribute to the development of your home country and international society through the study of culture, social studies, and languages.
Science and Mathematics:
Deepen knowledge of the natural sciences, and expand intellectual curiosity, creativity and originality while developing strong scientific thinking capabilities.
International Studies:
Deepen understanding of foreign languages and one’s own language and culture, while working towards increased communication skills.
Improve technique, and develop musical sensibility and refinement through concentrated focus on creative activities.
2.Learning Through Activities
Student-centered events and activities (clubs, student council, homeroom) foster student motivation with regards to school life. Overseas learning experiences and connections with universities broaden the study program. Trust and generosity towards others is nurtured through activities that connect students with the wider region.
Ⅴ.A Look at School Life
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